Monday, May 09, 2011

The exchange with Аленa from Russia

A few days ago I received new Russian thimbles from Аленa! Below you can see some pictures.

I already have in my collection a lot of wooden, hand-painted thimbles. However, as I have written many times, these are my favorite specimens. So - never enough such treasures!

Next two thimbles are hand-made by Аленa. I have been waiting a long time for such thimbles to become a part of my collection...

 ...and last two items are from Saint Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. I already have similar St. Petersburg thimble, but this is the first specimen from Ekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg (Russian: Екатеринбу́рг, also romanized Ekaterinburg) is a major city in the central part of Russia, the administrative center of Sverdlovsk Oblast.

Thank you very much Аленa!
Большое спасибо!

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