Sunday, May 23, 2010

American Fashion Thimbles

Recently I have exchanged thimbles with Marga from Barcelona. You can see these beauties below. They are hand-made of bisque porcelain and hand-painted. They present ladies' dresses. Thimbles are a part of a whole collection called American Fashion Thimble created by Avon. They were created in Taiwan and printed in Japan. The collection consists of eight specimens and a wooden rack, so I have started a new set. All these thimbles were made in the beginning of the 1980s. They came with a company boxes and each of them has a little story on its box (you can see these descriptions below).

The first lady (bisque porcelain thimble Circa 1890, Avon - U.S.A.) has a very characteristic dress. Everything is pale blue. The blouse has a ruffle and puffed sleeves. The woman wears also a big hat decorated with pastel roses. It looks like Anne of Green Gables.

A representative of 1900s is the lady which I like the most (bisque porcelain thimble Circa 1900, Avon - U.S.A.). She is dressed in a nice, purple colour blouse with a high collar decorated with a cameo brooch. She has a beautiful hairstyle and an original decoration in her hair.

This violet lady came from 1923 (bisque porcelain thimble Circla 1923, Avon - U.S.A.). She has a Musketeers' hat with a sash and her heath blouse is decorated with a snow white shawl.

A lady from 1927 has a nice blue-colour dress  (bisque porcelain thimble Circa 1927, Avon - U.S.A.). A juicy blue waistcoat is decorated with a long string of pearls. She has also white earrings or clip-on earrings. It is the first lady wearing more modern jewellery.

The last lady (bisque porcelain thimble Circa 1928, Avon - U.S.A.) is clothed in a yellow, orange and brown tone dress and a characteristic, yellow cloche hat. Hair is almost hidden. This 'doll' came from 1928.

So, it was a little bit about the American fashion and now I am looking for the rest of this beautiful set...

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Lily said...

Love these bust thimbles - what great collectibles!

Piccolastrega said...

Son muy bonitos estos dedales. Yo también los tengo y me gustan mucho. Un saludo

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