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German variety

People often think that Germans are strict and 'stiff'. According to this way of thinking we should not expect  to much artistic imaginativeness of them. Thimbles made by German creators put straight and show designers as one of the most creative and original in the whole world.

I will start with one of the leading examples - the thimble made by Kaiser Porzellan manufacture. I have five specimens from this factory in my collection. The most beautiful I received as a presents from my grandfather. Below you can see the most popular Kaiser's pattern - crimson-coloured country scene (porcelain thimble: Country scene, Kaiser Porzellan - Germany). All thimbles made by this manufacture are characterized by elaborate patterns and perfectly white porcelain. The top is always crowned by a convex flower.

Another example is a flower-decorated thimble with a single, pastel pink edging, made by Reutter (porcelain thimble Violets and roses, Reutter - Germany). The shape you can see in the photo is a Reutter's flagship. The majority of thimbles from this factory has a simillar shape.

German thimbles are characterized by a variety of decorations and forms. Below you can see a few examples from my collection. The first two are decorated with a subtle, gold-coloured flower motives. Both have both interesting shape and colour. The majority of thimbles is white thanks to its clear porcelain and these fascinate me the most. But in my collection I have also colourful beauties (porcelain thimble Green daisies, Eminence Ludwig - Germany, porcelain thimble Blue daisies, Lindner Porzellan - Germany).

Our werstern neighbours' art work cannot be missing animal motives. And it does not. Below you can see a beautiful forest scene on a quite high thimble with an interesting shape (porcelain thimble Deer, Sophienthal - Germany) and untypical for this part of the glob. It is simmilar to a Japanese art, because of its decoration, work and - first of all - with regard for a typical for this region dragon. It is one of the thimbles with the most interesting shape in my collection (porcelain thimble Dragon, Sherzer - Germany).


Next specimens which I would like to show you are those with beautiful floral motives. The first one is a well known item of German manufacture Hutschenreuther (porcelain thimble Blue pattern, Hutschenreuther - Germany). The thimble is made in a traditional techinique of the 'onion pattern', so a simple, but very striking blue ornament is placed on a white porcelain.

A next thimble with a beautiful floral decoration is a big, porcelain item with a charming bouquet in its central part (porcelain thimble Bouquet, Royal Franconia - Germany). The additional trump is the amazing, glossy gold top.

And last but not least floral beauty is small product of Classic Rose manufacture (porcelain thimble Roses, Classic Rose - Germany). Small dimentions are gracing this item.

Finally, I will show two German thimbles which - in my opinion - are the most interesting. On the first one you can see grey kittens (porcelain thimble Cats, Martinroda - Germany). The thimble is pastel pink coloured. The combination of all its features, so the colouring, decoration, small dimentions makes this thimble one of the most lovely specimens on my shelves.

And the last, very original position is big, hued thimble showing grazing sheeps with their guardian (porcelain thimble Shepherd, Gerold Porzellan - Germany). Decorations are being created in a very interesting way. Sheeps' contours are not filled with a paint and the green and blue background shows through them. Very interesting technique and the original pattern.

I think I have successfully broken stereotypes of German nature - at least in a thimble subject. Beyond all doubt works of German creators are one of the most beautiful and original in my collection. Designers excellently join subtle, delicate pattern-designing and perfect - as it befits for Germans - work.

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Olly said...

Hi Agnieszka, Thanks for this post. You have helped to identify one of the thimbles in my collection. I also have a Bouquet thimble from Germany! Until now I have been calling it a flower basket and apart from knowing it was German, knew very little about it. Thank you :)

Beatriz said...

Beautiful thimbles. Congratulations!!

Paloma said...

Que belleza de dedales, lindos lindos,gracias por visitar mi blog.Un saludo.Paloma.
Yo ingles no entiendo amiga.

Agnieszka said...

Thank you, Olly! This is one of the nicest things for which I write this blog :) I hope I will be able to advise in all those thimble nooks and crannies :) Greetings.

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