Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dutch blues

Most of Dutch thimbles is made of white porcelain decorated with blue ornaments. A leitmotiv among most of them are - characteristic for The Netherlands - windmills.

But, I will start my story with a sweet, souvenir thimble with kissing Dutch pair, wearing traditional dresses and obligatory clogs (porcelain thimble Kiss, Fine Bone China - Netherlands).

Traditionally decorated thimbles, showing characteristic Dutch atmosphere we will find among the assortment of one of the most outstanding manufactures of this country - Royal Mosa. In my collection I have four thimbles from this factory. We can see windmills on two of them (porcelain thimbles Windmill, Royal Mosa - Netherlands, porcelain thimble Dutch windmill, Royal Mosa - Netherlands). Everything is white and blue, in the style I have mentioned above.

Next two treasures from this manufacture are: the white one with a Dutch girl in a traditionall dress - printed in blue tones as well (porcelain thimbles Dutch girl, Royal Mosa - Netherlands) and colourful, spring thimble with a subtle picture with swans in the midst of canes (porcelain thimble Picnic afloat, Royal Mosa - Netherlands).

Untypical tops decorated with circles are one of a characteristic features of Dutch thimbles. We can find them among produced in larger quantities but still hand-painted thimbles with thypical for this country motives (porcelain thimble Dutch windmill, Holland - Netherlands).

At the end, two more thimbles - British but inspirated by a Dutch pattern-designing. British manufacturers are often inspirated in their work by tradition and culture of  foreign coutries. That is the reason why in island collections we could find thimbles with patterns untypical for British specimens (porcelain thimble Windmill - Great Britain, porcelain thimble One more windmill - Great Britain).
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Beatriz said...

Very beautifuo!! I don't know much english. I'm sorry

All things nice... said...

Oh those are really pretty, I couldnt comment properly on your blog until today :)

All things nice...

Solete said...

The first thimble es very beautiful, I love thimbles with typical pairs. Regards

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