Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Show-cases, so where to keep it?

In the beginning, my collection has been living at unrewarding area at the top of my wardrobe. I have been arranging thimbles according to their characteristics more or less, but - in the course of time - I have been wandering how to establish more distinct key to set the collection. All thimbles have been places in numerous boxes and cases and it has been completely impossible to present them, moreover, the owner has had no possibility to enjoy the collection.

In the course of collections' growth, I have started to look for some kind of containers to keep my trinkets. In the Internet I have found photos of beautiful show-cases created thinking especially about thmbles. These have been different sizes wall show-cases ith very small compartments. In most cases each thimble has had its own cell. Till that time I have been dreaming of such cases naturally. But, it turned out very fast that they are unattainable equipment.

Such show-cases I saw only abroad (in Great Britain, as you can guess). The cost of importing them caused an absolutely inaccessible price. So, I have started the heroic searching of a master who will made to order this kind of beauties.

After many adventures with carpenters of different calibers, I have resigned this idea and for some time I have suspended my reseaeches entirely... Who will feel like such a drudgery while there is always such work like door or shelves well-paid mass-production? I have started to think anout making cases by myself (by father's hands exactly), but such a production from beginning to end seemed to be unreal...

My show-cases have appeared in less than two years after the beginning of my collecting passion (they have hanged in Novemner 2006) and they are a variation at IKEA table tops. My parents found them by accident and it turned out that they are an axcellent base for thimbles' show'cases. Father has added some additional crosspieces and adapted them to hang and my mother and I have attended to pain. Our domestic version of thimbles' show-cases has been born in that way. By the way, much better, because glazed.

Today, my room is embellished with five, professional thimbles' show-cases, extraordinarily practical and eady from a sanitation matters point of view (you can see them at the pictures above). I am of course already scared of what would happened when my show-cases will be filled. So, dear thimble collectors (or those who are thinking about collecting) I am not keeping secret that finding a place for such a collection is unfortunately not so easy. Of course it is possible to hide specimens in drawers or boxes but what is the pleasure than? It is worth to think about that and contend for something interesting and suitable for your thimbles' virtues exposure. I encourage to thimble collecting and wishing may successes. Regards.

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