Saturday, May 15, 2010

New matrioshkas and Chopin Year

Oh, I just could not resist buying some new matrioshka thimbles! Now, I have in my collection fifteen wooden dolls. As I have mentioned many times, Russian hand-painted specimens are my favourites. These are real works of art, hand-made and hand-painted! Below you can see my new matrioshkas (wooden thimble Navy-blue doll - Russia, wooden thimble Pink doll - Russia, wooden thimble Silver doll with a blue flower - Russia) and in the exchange section you will find my new swap propositions.

Wandering around a town I found one more treasury - a thimble with Chopin's monument. It is simply obligatory to have it, firstly - because I am Pole and secondly - because of this year 200th anniversary of Chopin's birth. To celebrate this event 2010 is a Chopin's year. The picture from my thimble is Chopin's monument which is located in the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw. You can find this item in the exchange section as well.
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Beatriz said...

Congratulations!! Matrioskas are the best!!

Olly said...

Hi Agnieszka, The Matrioshka thimbles are adorable! I can see why you could not resist!

SUsana said...

Preciosos tus dedales!!!

jo said...

Really interesting article, thanks!"

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