Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Acrylic discovery

I bought this thimble with few others, did not think that it is something special. Trully speaking, I did not read carefully a description. I thought that it will be just new, pretty item to my collection, funny plastic one with tyre-shaped edgings.

As I have recognized after getting the thimble, this two-coloured, light and navy-blue, trinket is hand-made by the artist - Robert Parish who was in the dental field for 30 years. He has been making furniture, pens, crochet hooks and many other items wood and other materials for the last 15 years. Having recently retired, he is now devoting full time to the crafting of useful hand-made items.

So, unwittingly, I have enlarged the collection with one of its kind, hand-made acrylic thimble (acrylic thimble Blue acrylic - Robert Paris, Great Britain).

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TheaM said...

the blue acrylic thimble is beautiful! what a find you have there! congratulations!

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