Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hand-made polymer clay thimbles

Two days ago I also received two amazing thimbles made of polymer clay by Zuleykha. I asked her to prepare two items especially for me. I saw some examples in her blog and I have fell in love at first sight.

I have chosen two specimens: one with sheep in sunflowers (polymer clay thimble Sheep in sunflowers - Zuleykha, Great Britain) and the other with frog sitting at the top of the thimble dotted with roses (polymer clay thimble Frog in flowers - Zuleykha, Great Britain). Thimbles have been hand-sculpted, baked, sanded and covered with a gloss glaze for protection. I think it is fantastic, obligatory position for every collection. I hope that my photos will show beauty of these little things at least to a certain degree.

Thank you, Zuleykha

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SUsana said...

Son muy lindos.

Beatriz said...

Very beatifull. I need a traductor Google because muy english is bad. Thank you.

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